Connecting investors to the blockchain ecosystem

A distributed, trust based community for verifying blockchain investments and opportunities

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Crowdsourced, verified trust
for the blockchain industry

We are building a community that brings together blockchain companies, investors and experts. Using our platform of peer-to-peer identity verification, LaunchBolt will leverage crowdsourced voting and reputation indicators to tackle the risk inherent to ICOs and blockchain based projects.
Trust Diagram

Our Mission

Blockchain promises to disrupt how trust is created in transactions between anyone, anywhere in the world. We aim to infuse that same trust into the ICO and blockchain investment ecosystem. By building a secure and transparent way for ICOs and investors to connect, we are paving the way for the ecosystem to thrive.


Lack of trust

Lack of trust

The growth of ICOs has led to repeated cases of fraud or scam, where founders collect funds without actually building their project. This lack of trust means investors are cautious of where to invest, and what criteria to look for in a potential investment.
Fragmented communication

Fragmented communication

Getting a new venture off the ground can be a tough process. Innovative new products and technologies fail to build a sustainable community and get lost in the noise of the blockchain ecosystem. They are missing out on potential users, investors & revenue.
Information asymmetry

Information asymmetry

With so many conflicting information sources online, it is difficult to get a complete picture of the companies and founders in the space. This information gap means there is little trust which reviews are correct, or which products are worth the extra exposure.

Our Solution

Build a community
Build a community

Create a profile that attracts the right people to your venture

Publish your company
Showcase your project to potential investors and users
Go live!
Livestream product updates, founder interviews, Q&A sessions, etc...
Create influencer channels
Establish a reputation as a knowledge expert
Incentivize your supporters
Offer airdrops & bounties to your subscribers
Validate your idea
Validate your idea

Understand your customer before launching

Earn a reputation
Receive votes and rankings for your product or idea from the community
Get feedback
Refine your product based on direct user & investor feedback
Raise funds instantly
Raise funds instantly

Invest instantly with smart contracts and no fees

Support your favorite companies
Receive digital token tips from supporters
Smart investing
Raise funds effortlessly through smart contract enabled investing
Track your investments
Track your investments

Stay up-to-date with your current and potential ICO investments

Create a company whitelist
Create and track interesting ICOs & companies by sector, location, funding, growth stage and more
Join pre-ICOs
Participate exclusively in pre-sales and register your interest
Verified and secure
Verified and secure

Benefit from a secure and verified community of investors & founders

Vet an investment
Verify the quality of an ICO’s profile, documentation and team
Vet an investor
Authenticate investors before agreeing to transactions
BOLT token

Bolt token

The Bolt token (BOLT) will be an Ethereum ERC-20 utility token used for interaction and reward within the LaunchBolt platform

More details coming soon...

Why build on the blockchain?

Reputation ranking and scoring

Reputation ranking and scoring

Companies receive votes from the community which are stored on the immutable blockchain ledger, enabling users to find the best companies quickly. A good reputation would be based on a complete and authentic profile.
Identity verification

Identity verification

LaunchBolt aims to create a secure environment in which companies and observers are trusted to interact. Using Civic’s secure identity overlay, the platform will ensure transparent information and seamless interaction.
Proof-of-stake consensus

Proof-of-stake consensus

BOLT token holders gain voting rights in the consensus network in proportion to their ownership of the native token. This ensures that profiles on the platform are verified and active peers are rewarded for their efforts.
Smart contract enabled transactions

Smart contract enabled transactions

Using Ethereum enabled smart contracts, companies will be able to raise funds through a variety of channels, based on clearly defined terms and rights.

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